Trico Motor Sport

beginning from 1990 it makes of the world of the competitions the passion, the experience and the great professionalism, matured in many years of championships highly competitive. BMW, LANCIA, Ford, RENAULT, PEUGEOT and Fiat Abarth, are the cars maker that Trico Motorsport during many years, has managed and developed with “high level” results, in the national and international championships.

In the 1996, Trico Motorsport directly purchases (first in Italy) from the Race Dept. Peugeot Sport, a Peugeot 306 Maxi-KIT with which, it gets a good results to the national championship. From 2000 to 2007, Trico Motorsport, participates at the national trophy Abarth Super 1600: 5 times coming on the tallest step of the platform, 1 time second and 2 times third. In the 2003 to the " Rally del Ciocco ", the crew Basso-Guglielmini on Fiat Punto S1600 Trico Motorsport, brings the absolute success in the Italian Championship a Fiat Rally-Car; 22 years later, from the last victory of Attilio Bettega. At the end of year, the pilot Giandomenico Basso is a Italian deputy-champion. In the 2004, the Team Trico Motorsport with Giandomenico Basso and Mitia Dotta, are the Official Team Abarth in the Italian Rally Championship.

In the 2007, Trico Motorsport purchases directly from Fiat Abarth, the first Grande Punto Super2000. Participating and winning different Rallyes of Italian Cup, and finishing 2° absolute in the European Rallyes Championship after the victory in the Rally of Antibes, Trico Motorsport contributes at the Fiat Abarth victory, in Constructor Rally Championship (2007). In the 2008, Trico Motorsport purchases from Fiat Abarth, the second Grande Punto Super2000. The Team, distinguishes with many victories in the Italian Rallye Championship and the Tarmac Italian Rally Championship.

In the 2010, directly from Fiat Abarth, arrive others two new Grande Punto Super2000. Trico Motorsport, is a selected Official Team Abarth, for the Italian Rally Championship 2010. Two “official Race Cars” for the crew Basso-Dotta (winner European Rallye Champions 2009) and the crew Rossetti-Chiarcossi (deputy Italian Rallye Champions 2009). At the Team Trico Motorsport, characterized for a long time Abarth Cars specialized, is assigned with technicians and Fiat Abarth engineers, the vehicle and the racing tires development.

A strategical binding activity, fundamental for enhance the Car performances in the competition. A new technical high-level challenge, in order to beat our competitors.

Our job, is to win!